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At Space Coast IT Solutions Inc., we believe that network and computer security should be a top priority for your small business. Viruses, spyware, and hackers can cause data loss and instability and prevent your business from running efficiently. Space Coast IT Solutions offers several different levels of service and security so you can choose how we can best protect you and your livelihood.

Our most basic level of computer networking and security, this includes installing antivirus software* on individual workstations or PCs, as well as setting up 128 bit network encryption.

This level is ideal for: Small and home businesses.

  The Silver Level includes all work from the Bronze Level along with optimization of workstations and networks as well as setting up network firewalls. We also monitor your outgoing and incoming traffic in real time to secure your interests more effectively.

This level is ideal for: Small to medium businesses.

  The Gold Level is the highest level of networking and security that we offer. Our Network Engineers will build you a new secure network from the ground up. The Gold Level network security features an upgrade to 1024 bit encryption, all services listed in the Bronze and Silver Levels, as well as physical security for your business by installing surveillance systems. We monitor and save logs of your outgoing and incoming traffic and also allow for employee monitoring.

This level is ideal for: Small to medium businesses with sensitive data.


*We recommend and use Avast Antivirus unless otherwise requested.